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The World is not Beautiful

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

March, 2020

At first, it seemed to me that the topic of "The World is not Beautiful" would not be too difficult. Nothing could be more wrong. At first, everything got complicated when the government announced a pandemic about the virus and everything was closed overnight.

Just before the pandemic was announced, I saw that it was a growing threat and I should quickly decide what to photograph. I decided it would be about bankruptcies and liquidation of stores on High Street in Guildford. The topic seemed interesting.

I have some experience in photography so I decided to take a chance. The plan was to take as many photos as possible on High Street. I decided to photograph generally closed stores, some details, reflections in the display windows, people on the street, traffic. Everything that can be interesting and useful for the project. I also decided to use only one wide-angle lens to add drama to the photos.

I only managed to go out once and the police stopped me asking a lot of questions, wrote down my details and told me to go home.

Less than 200 photos, that's all I could do. Defeat.

I looked through the photographs and I started looking for photographers that I could use for my project.

Of course, in the end, I chose photos that were placed in the final design.

Pictures are ok, but only ok, and I would like them to be outstanding because the topic seems really interesting to me.

A few days ago I talked to one employee in an open local store. I told him what I am currently working on. He agreed with me about the reasons for closing the shops and at the same time told me that I was brave, that I took care of such a problem because nobody talks about it here loudly.

Three on Highstreet 10 North Street, Guildford

Behind the bars 68 North Street, Guildford

X windows 249 High Street, Guildford

Dust, Shadow and Fly 189 High Street, Guildford

The Mail 202 High Street, Guildford

Flaky Paint 11 North Street, Guildford

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