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Updated: Mar 11, 2023

ACID is a collaborative work of four photographers.

Maria Green

Roman Hajduk

Alexandru Radu Popescu

Kingsley Rogers

My part:

Rust and Alive

“Rust and alive” symbolising the connection between technology and nature. There is a connection between life and destroyed rusty cars. The girl represents today's generation of consumers, the generation of throwing away old vehicles. She's wearing a mask made from mechanical parts and she is almost the machine. In my pictures, there is still something alive, and still not destroyed by technology - the beautiful flower. Junkyard in my opinion represents the dump of today's life. The cars are already dead. Broken auto glasses, rusty and bent metal, missing parts.

Book cover photo Alexandru Radu Popescu

The photos taken by me were photographed in a scrap car yard (Many thanks to Craig from CASH 4 CARS in Aldershot) with the Kiev 6C camera in the Kodak Portra 400 film.

Model - amazing Lu.Ci

Book is available to order for the price of £29 plus delivery

My photos in the book:

Backstage photos:

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