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Hiding Behind The Doors

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

April, 2021

Some time ago, I found three photographic books at the same time - Michelangelo, The Atmosphere of Crime 1957 (Gordon Parks) and Love as a Four-Letter Word (Jan Saudek). The covers of the last two books made me look for similarities and inspiration. Enlightenment seized when I started leafing through the Michelangelo album. Hands and gestures are something very collective about these three artists. How different and at the same time similar.

From that moment, I have been thinking about the idea of creating my own design, a design with hands as the main motive, which, combined with other elements in the photo, will create my message, information, my artistic vision of everyday life. I want to do something controversial to keep the viewer from my photos and deeply move him. Michelangelo's work moves the viewer with its reality and greatness, Gordon Parks shocks with the brutality of criminal life, while Jan Saudek shocks with the naked truth and sometimes calls for pornography.

I created six different images with six different scenarios in the studio environment. Hand-painted backdrop with different colours symbolized our minds. Simple direct lighting with an orange gel to add more yellow tones to my photos. In general, yellow is a very happy tone, but when is showing too much, creating a filing of illness and taking bigger attention. As the subject, I was using myself, my partner and her daughter.







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