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In Loving Memory Of

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

April, 2021

What is mean a "National Identity"? Will be someone who remembers your name after 100 years? Do we will still have our tombstone and someone will find our name on it?

In the beginning, I named my project "Forgotten Heroes". I thought to myself that photographing nameless graves of past heroes, that are now forgotten, would represent their lost identity. But, due to my project, I came up with the idea of changing the title, and "In Loving Memory Of" turned out to be very accurate for me. I found such an inscription separated on one of the graves, there was no sign of the deceased. Loss of the identity of a loved one.

For me, the idea and the message contained in the project are very accurate, the overturned and devastated graves are a symbol of what happened in the world last year. Monuments have been eradicated since the dawn of time, they were always destroyed by successive generations - the "National Identity" which did not fit the present times and the authorities. When there is no name on graves, for me, it is a symbol of how irrelevant a social unit is, we are anonymous and used by successive rulers in the name of fighting for freedom and independence. Millions of nameless people are dying in the name of this fight, but for what? Also as we age, we become less and less needed and go unnoticed. These are those old and withered graves with symbols of struggle and faith. Homeland and magic. Forgotten.

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