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“Suleily and Derian in Secret Garden"

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

July, 2020

Suleily & Derian are the couples, and because the country was locked down, they cannot see each other.

So after a few months, they decide, in secret, to meet up in the garden. But when Suleily arrived at the place, she doesn't find Derian, there was Mr Rabbit and a statue of Alice. When she touched the hand, Alice, magically Suleily moved next to Mr Rabbit, and she realised - this is Derian, but looks like Mr Rabbit.

She was so sad because she really missed Derian as a real person.

Finally, Suleily decide to kiss Mr Rabbit, and magic was happen, Derian is back, and now they are together again.

Many thanks to Mr Erwin Michalec the designer of dresses


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